September 28, 2014


couple for three months, best friends for three years. (:

September 27, 2014

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September 26, 2014


I made this video for my one year anniversary, and i’m proud to say how well i did on this. To be honest I’m so glad i made this video because every time I watch it I always think “I can’t believe this much has happened for the both of us” I love this boy so much, it’s indescribable. 051113 

September 25, 2014


Made a video for my beautiful tan lines baby! Happy 2 years yayaya

Watch in HD 

September 24, 2014

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September 23, 2014


Watch our newest couple video!

September 22, 2014


Me and my boyfriend

September 21, 2014


three and a half years, love you babe

September 20, 2014


this is Quinn and me, i love him very much.
i watch this whenever i feel down because it gives me hope.

lets commit the perfect the perfect crime, i steal your heart and you steal mine.

September 19, 2014


My Bestfriend , My Boyfriend , My Everything <3 .